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{March 7, 2010}   The writing on the wall

I’ve decided it’s time to buckle down on the writing that’s kept me sane for so long. I am going to commit a certain chunk of my day to writing efforts on a daily basis.

Beyond this blog, I’m also going to start submitting my words to various magazines. Being paid is a nice perk, and it does help me justify the amount of “free time” I have to dedicate to this passion of mine, but really, I feel like my story shared would actually help people. No one needs to know it’s me – just that they’re not the alone in their respective journeys.

I used to write and edit for an awesome, now-defunct, body- and sex-positive feminist e-rag, nearly a decade ago. I wrote for them for nearly two years. As time passes and I age and gain perspective, I miss writing more and more.

My kids are becoming increasingly autonomous, growing up, needing me less. I have questions only I can answer for myself, and putting words down is the therapy that works best for me. Others share those questions in their own lives, and sometimes a key word or two can make all the difference.

My mother once told me when I was a child, she’d always envisioned me as a writer – specifically a writer of children’s books, but a writer in any regard. When, as an adult, I followed other pursuits, she felt I wasn’t being true to myself.

I don’t want to be a novelist. For the most part, fiction is not my strong point, though when properly moved, I can churn out a poignant and relevant short story. Poetry… I love poetry. I don’t have enough confidence that my pretty words are pretty to anyone else – I have a very distinct voice, and seldom come across anyone with one similar. This is supposed to be a good thing, though it leaves me feeling very vulnerable and exposed. I’ll post it in my blogs, I’ll put it up when I can hide behind a binary-code curtain, and I might even publish a zine. Ask me to put it in a real book with real publishers, and I quail. Children’s stories? Sure, I’d love to write them. I tell my kids stories all the time. But I think I’ll wait till I’m a grandmother to do that. It seems more fitting to my personality.

I’ve always preferred to write on the subjects that explore the deeper questions of the psyche, the hows and whys of human nature. Subjects of a philosophical, psychological, spiritual, and even socio-political nature are the ones that pull me under, so I churn the words like water and create sea foam and tidal waves out of a seemingly placid pool.

So that’s where I’ve been. Writing for magazines. Telling my story as a lesbian mom. I’ll share it with you when I find out about publication.


me says:

sounds good

imthemama says:

I would love to read more of what you write. Let us know where you end uo. Happened upon your blog- enjoy it very much.

Haha, I actually already follow you, so I recognized the link. You were in luck!!! Ok… I’ll get crackin’ on those updates, now….

imthemama says:

See I don’t comment much and I wrote that wrong. I wanted to show you my site so you didn’t think I was some crazy stalker person, just a mom like you. I should have ended it with:

The way I wrote it looks like an email- sigh, the things you learn!

imthemama says:

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you read my blog. Totally made my night. You are very talented 🙂

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