Heaven holds a sense of wonder….

{August 19, 2010}   exchange between the universe and me

Dear Universe, we really need a car that works. We sank $400 into a really great car, and another almost $300, which we’re getting back (that’s the good news) because our mechanic was unable to fix the problem. He fixed a lot of other things, though, and that’s really great. But now, it’s looking like the transmission is in bad shape. Maybe there’s water in it, maybe it’s shot, we don’t know yet. He’s having a friend look at it and see what it needs. In the meantime, this is Pickle’s weekend to shine – she needs a good, reliable, fast car that she can make her deliveries in. With this car, she could bring in $200 a night. With the extra day she picked up this week, that means $800 – that would pay this month’s overdue rent AND most of next month’s rent, and the money we have currently could pay for our storage unit and insurance, and we’d be almost caught up on everything. More importantly her mental health (and mine, I’ll admit) would be so much better off. So dear Universe, won’t you please buy us a nice car? (Our friends all drive Porsches, ours doesn’t get us far, So Universe, won’t you please, buy us a good car?)

Just for fun, I flip to a random page in the book

    Notes From the Universe

      and this is what I get:

      A question from your friend the Universe:

      Just how much time do you spend thinking big? I mean really, really BIG?

      Good, very good! Because that’s exactly how much of “it” you’re going to get!

      What a coincidence!

      It’s corny, but it makes me smile.


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