Heaven holds a sense of wonder….

{August 20, 2010}   Hear no problems, see no problems, cause no problems

Dear Universe,

Thank you. You provided Pickle with a reliable car for the night, and she made her goal of $150. I showed her your note for me, and she agreed to think big – she set her sights on the goal, and in spite of it being a slower night than expected, and in spite of a few rude customers (including one who didn’t tip and insisted that she go out of her way to bring something he didn’t ask for) she made her goal, because she believed in it. And that one rude customer who made her go out of her way? She came back (though she didn’t have to), handed him his cheese and told him exactly what she thought of his manners. His girlfriend apologized for his behavior and tipped her. Talk about maximizing opportunities! Who knew?

Universe, today, we’d like to keep the trend going. Actually, we’d like to keep the trend going all the way through Sunday night. We’ll keep our eyes on the prize. Will you help us? Will you make sure she has a vehicle she can trust? In return, we’ll both focus on each moment as it comes, whole-heartedly whole-mindedly. I can’t speak for her, but I can say she’s in the perfect place for that. Last night affirmed everything good for her, and she came home full of energy and life.

Thank you, Universe.

P.S. After I wrote you yesterday, and you responded the way you did, I saw a personalized license plate that said “DNTGVUP”. Don’t give up… that last little bit of encouragement opened up a dialogue between Pickle and myself about the different perspectives we can choose – maybe we’re not supposed to be fighting for our lives… maybe we’re just supposed to be thinking big and keeping our eyes on the prize, and trusting that everything will fall into place. Faith… it ain’t easy. Thanks for the reminder.

Was it you?!says the Universe. We have some new “help” here, and our incoming correspondence has been kind of garbled.

Someone was thinking big, I mean really big, and now the entire Universe has been thrown into action, aligning players, circumstances, and coincidences that will miraculously fall into just the right place at just the right time. It’s changed everything, absolutely everything. The world will never be the same.

Actually, this happens with your every thought. But if it was you, did you mean joy when you said toy?

Sounded like you wanted every toy? Either way, consider it done, just let us know.

The Universe

P.s. One of your greatest challenges is realizing that the hurdles of time and space are simply reflections of imagined hurdles.

See no problems.


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